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I’m addicted to capturing stories. Really. Even if it’s 1AM after a wedding, I am so excited to pop my memory card into my computer and look at the pictures that I can’t even sleep. 

My photography isn’t geared towards perfection, it’s all about documenting the truth. I’m really all about telling your story. Please don’t hesitate to tell me every little detail! It’s the love that my couples share, the way that they look into each other's eyes so fondly, and their laughter and joy that make moments worth turning into memories. 

I can’t promise that I won’t get teary-eyed during your ceremony, but I can promise to provide a stress-free day that you can be completely yourselves while I do what I love!

Hey! I'm samantha

My Love story

shoutout to chrissy & Dan for hiring the best photo & video duo for their wedding. 

I met my forever on a chilly October day, shooting a wedding. Probably 20 minutes into the day, capturing bridal prep at White Rose Barn, Charles asked if was interested in working together more in the future and creating a photo & video package. Of course I said yes! We instantly became friends and bonded over our devotion to love stories. Business partners then turned into life partners, and the rest is history!

We are truly so blessed to be connected to each other in so many ways. Not only do we bond over our work, but just about every other aspect of life too. We love to travel, adventure, explore nature, thrift, cook together, and just share the wonderful life we have together in general. 

Each photo created with an emotional investment in your wedding day   

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