January 11, 2023

Why you need a videographer for your wedding day.

What would it mean to you to replay your partner reading your wedding vows to you 10 years down the road? What about on your 50th wedding anniversary? What about sharing that moment with your children one day? Grandchildren? Great Grandchildren? 

Your wedding video is a gift that will last a lifetime. Not only for you and your partner, but for your family as well. On the day that you get married, everyone that is special to both of you will be present in the same room all at once. Not only will the most important moments of your union be documented, but the moments that you don’t get to see your partner before you say “I do”, the candid time where guests are mingingling and enjoying your wedding day, AND the intimate time between the two of you that goes by so fast.

As a photographer, I pride myself in capturing raw emotions and really focusing on capturing the sentiment behind your wedding day. What I can’t do is bring those moments to life. 

You can look back at the photograph of the moment that your Dad hugs you when he turns around and sees you in your white dress, but video takes that moment and gives it life. The way that your father’s eyes get bigger as he sees your smile light up, the tears forming in his eyes, his voice crack as he tells you that you look beautiful.

All of this happens so fast. Within the matter of 5 minutes, your first look is over. You’re in a room with just the two of you. After, it’s time to head to your ceremony. You don’t even have time to process how special those mere 5 minutes were. 

Or wait, do you? Because you have a wedding video.

You want a videographer to capture your wedding day. 

I have the perfect one for you. 


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