November 19, 2022

Sera & Nick’s Music Themed Wedding at Gervasi Vineyard

When I first talked to Sera about her music themed wedding, her enthusiasm alone told me that their special day was going to be AMAZING! Every single detail was carefully thought out and 100% about her and Nick! 

Please enjoy scrolling through some of my favorite photos from their wedding day. Take note of their personalization. I absolutely love how their passions and personalities shine. If you are also a fan of music in any way shape or form, you will especially appreciate their manner!

Please be inspired by Sera’s style! She has an absolutely amazing personality.

Nick’s pocket watch was passed down from generation to generation…which makes this photo even cooler!

Instead of bouquets for Sera and her bridesmaids, they decorated tambourines!

Wedding rings delivered to the couple on drum sticks!

Mom watching their ceremony begin…I love this shot.

Sera sang to Nick during their ceremony. One of the BEST parts of their day by far. His reaction…. 🥺

This is when the rings were delivered on the drum sticks! Beautiful personal take on their wedding ceremony. Also note the two different perspectives of the same moment. This is why you want two photographers on your wedding day!

Villa Trentino is where the couple and bridal party stayed overnight. Stunning inside and just steps away from their ceremony and reception site. Hands down, absolutely, 11/10, recommend Gervasi Vineyard for your wedding day. Wonderful in every way!

Live music by Bluewater Kings Band.

Their guest book!

Card box!

Let this photo inspire you to have FUN with your reception entrance!!!

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  1. Nick says:

    Beyond thankful for your talent and amazing shots from our wedding day!

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