November 20, 2022

Sara & Andy’s Snowy Squire’s Castle Wedding

Sara & Andy tied the knot on 2-22-2022! Their awesome wedding date set the precedence for a wonderful celebration.

These two had their hearts set on getting married on a snowy day. Their ceremony took place at Squire’s Castle, a beautiful castle from 1890 located in the Cleveland Metroparks. Not only did they get the snow that they wanted, but as we drove into the metroparks you could see a blanket of fog surrounding the castle as well. Did I mention that it turned out to be 60 degrees outside!? Picture perfect conditions. They ONLY snow in the area surrounded the castle. We couldn’t have asked for anything better!

This is Remy, their dog! He was extremely well behaved!
Sara is always smiling!
First look feels! A great moment.
Handing her tissues…haha. It’s the little moments!
Here you can really see the fog! We were so incredibly lucky to have such a beautiful (and warm) February day.

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